Disability Discrimination Act Compliance

Based on the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and ratification of the European Standard EN81-70 we can supply a small number of cost-effective retro packages, to assist our clients in providing easy solutions, to building owners who wish to meet this latest act and regulation.

Please note: That is component requirements, within this regulation. Therefore our solutions do not cover the entire range of requirements within the documents relating to the regulation.

Want to comply with DDA/EN81-70 without having to do controller modifications? We can supply an Interface System to give voice annunciation and floor position.

If you require improved floor-levelling accuracy, the inverter interface system could be a simple solution.

Items available:

  • Horizontal car operating panel
  • Position indicators in car
  • Electrical arrival gong in car
  • Handrail inside lift car
  • Serial comms control unit
  • In-car tip up seat
  • Auto-dial two-way communication for trapped passengers at any time of night or day
  • Door detector
  • Extended landing push
  • Landing indicator
  • Ride quality VVVF add-on
  • DDA Indicator / Synthesiser interface

As part of the lift compliance EN81-70 to the DDA act, a lift should have position indication both visual and audible fitted. We recognise that to retro-fit indicators and voice synthesisers to an existing lift installation would normally require modifications to the existing control system. These modifications require a high degree of technical knowledge to complete and in some cases would not actually be possible. For example, a lot of modern lift package equipment utilises serial communication (2/4 wire) for wiring into the pushes and indicators and it is therefore not possible to pick up supplies for new equipment.

Our solution is to supply a package that allows for the introduction of indicators and speech synthesiser to give floor indication without the need of modifying the control circuits. This is achieved primarily by the installation of a tape head detector and connected in conjunction with a relay interface system to give the appropriate signals. The only connection required from the existing controller is a 240v ac supply.

The DDA act was introduced in December 1996 in UK and required owners and operators of existing buildings likely to be visited by the public to make access provision for the disabled. Such access provision had to be made by 2004 at the latest.

Where traditional passenger lifts are not possible, it is often possible to install a platform lift to provide access.

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